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Inspiration doesn’t work on a schedule. At Camp Festival, your child can do whatever they want, whenever they want. We teach them to capture inspiration and transform it into something real.

Plus, what’s the point of having six camps under one roof if you can’t enjoy them all?

Why Choose Us


We searched the entire universe, from Earth to Mars and beyond. No camp matches up to Camp Festival. 90% of our students come back over and over again for a reason!

When Is It?

Our camps run weekdays from 9AM to 3PM. Plenty of time for our campers to try out a wide variety of experiences!

Who Is It For?

Our camp is for everyone in the universe. As long as they are human beings and between the ages of 5-15. (Sorry, aliens!)

Our Camps


Your registration to Camp Festival gives you access to all of these camps at any time you want!

Proven to improve problem solving skills

Coding is the language of the 21st century. Speaking in code from now prepares us for the jobs of the future, jobs that don’t even exist yet.

Learning to code is a way to teach valuable thinking skills. These skills include: logic, systematic thinking, branching thought, and more!

Technically speaking: our campers will get an introduction to coding and will learn to program micro:bit microchips over bluetooth. Our more advanced campers will get an introduction to Python.

Water, flour, and yeast. Three ingredients, thousands of possibilities!

In this camp our campers learn to make bread and pizza with whatever flavors they like, FROM SCRATCH!
Chocolate bread, banana bread, long bread, short bread, braided bread, all bread! Our campers get to create a completely different product every time they choose this camp. No two visits to this camp will be the same! (We recommend sending a bag of hershey’s kisses with your child if you want to turn them onto baking. They’ll never stop.)

All you need is a camera and an imagination

At our filmmaking and vlogging camp, our campers learn to make the narratives in their heads into videos. Being able to bring your thoughts out into the world is a very therapeutic process and being able to do so creatively is an incredibly fulfilling feeling.

Who knows? Your child may end up being a superstar movie maker! Or at least better than that wedding photographer you hired.

A healthy mind belongs to a healthy body

Our campers have a large variety of sports and physical activities to choose from. They range from soccer, basketball and badminton, to lighter activities like yoga or nice stroll and chat.

This camp caters to everyone from sports addicts to complete novices.

The Star Attraction

Did you know Monopoly was originally invented to show the dangers of capitalism?

Most games have a moral behind them and we intend for our campers to find out what they are! The gaming lounge has a selection of board games and toys that have been curated to ensure they provide mental or physical stimulation.

You can make anything with some paper and glue!

We all remember making Batman masks as children. Why not take that a step further and make more cool things like your very own foosball table, or a bag with a secret compartment (sshh don’t tell anyone!)

Necklaces, masks, clay figurines and more. Thousands of little trinkets to make.

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